A Little Autumn Project Inspiration



“Thermofax Screen Printing is easy!” I have told this to many people over the last few years and more times than not their eyes will glaze over with doubt and I know that I’ve lost them. So I’ve been working on ideas to make this idea a bit more clear, easy and most of all fun!

This first idea started in early autumn while walking my kids to school. The leaves were just beginning to drop and I found myself admiring their lovely shapes and lines. So I gathered up a small variety and scanned them into my computer. I wasn’t sure what I would make at first but I eventually landed on the idea of a Thermofax screen printed tablecloth. I journeyed over one of our local discount home décor stores and picked up a lovely tablecloth and matching napkins for all of $16.

Next, I ran the scanned leaf images through a few filters in Photoshop to make them black and white images for the Thermofax machine (Morty). Then I figured out the right size for the images, made my screens and got to printing.

I did test out each screen to see how it printed. Then I picked out my paint and colors. Some paint is thinner and may not show the details, some didn’t have the colors I wanted. So I settled with Jaquard Textile Paint. They had all the lovely fall colors I was looking for. Usually I would just use what paint I had on hand but sadly many of my colors were running low, so I did need to restock a little bit for this project.


Here’s the tablecloth all plain and ready to go.


Here’s the printing in progress. I experimented with various colors. If I didn’t like how a print came out, I just didn’t print it again. If I liked it, I did a lot more of it.


Matching napkins on the drying rack.


And Voilà! Doesn’t it look awesome?! My sister is a master at table setting and helped me set this up to show how cool it turned out. It was super easy and did not cost that much money to make. Can you squirt paint and squish it with a foam brush? Then you can do this.






  1. Jackie, the tablecloth and linens turned out beautifully. You could also do a spring cloth with different shades of green paint. Love this idea. Thanks!!!

  2. Beautiful! I love this – think I might need to do something like this for Christmas with snowflakes!

  3. Beautiful Jackie! I love how it all came out!

  4. to answer your question – yes it looks awesome (very American word that – but seems the ‘in’ praise word at the moment). Great Art is a great thing, but this is a wonderful example that simple ideas can be so effective and so beautiful. Your collaboration with your sister is fantastic – as you say she is gifted in table setting.


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