A New Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway

This month belonged to Leslie Tucker Jenison with a theme of marks from found objects. I started with plastic water bottle to roll the first layer of markings. I experimented with a little candle votive but it was difficult to control when rolling so abandoned it after a few rounds.


Next object was a clothes hanger. I thought it had an interesting shape to it, so why not.


I attempted to use a bamboo stick for long dark marks but it wasn’t working out so I brushed on some darker streaks for contrast. Then I discovered my new favorite stamp. It’s the bottom of plastic cabinet leg. I love the design and it may appear in other projects.


And here’s the finished piece. A bit of a different look for me but I like it.




Go check out all the good stuff going on at The Printed Fabric Bee Facebook page and leave a comment there for your chance to win your own set of these lovely beauties. Be sure to stop off at the other Bee member’s blogs to find out how they created their fabric designs. Good luck!!!

Carol R. Eaton
Jackie Lams
Lynda Heines
Gerrie Congdon
Susan Purney Mark
Deborah Boschert
Jane Davila
Lisa Chin
Lynn Krawczyk
Leslie Jenison
Judy Gula



  1. I love your results and the found objects are really cool! I will be looking at bottles in a new way now!

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