Drawing on Fabric

Wow, what amazing feedback I’ve gotten on the last post! You asked about the pens and here you go, Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric. I bought a whole box off of Amazon because I seem to burn through them. I use a variety of other waterproof pens but these have been my favorite lately. Don’t expect a wide variety of colors. There are three the last time I checked. The hoop is an old embroidery hoop with a disk cut to fit snuggly inside the hoop. Thanks to Jeannie for her comment! I did a search on ’embroidery paint tubes’ and found old kits available on ebay with this exact hoop.  I’ve tried drawing with other embroidery hoops and I could not get the tight hold I needed. The surface the disk provides is awesome. So give it go and let me know what you come up with. I would love to see it!


Just pick up a pen

I love to explore with all sorts of paints, dyes, and whatever other messy art mediums I discover. But sometimes all I use is a pen. The plan is to put this outside with the other pieces, so I made sure that I used waterproof ink and I’ll heat set it before I expose it to the elements. I found this frame in my grandmother’s sewing basket. I’m sure she used it for crocheting the sweet little pot holders she loved to make, or something along those lines.