Don’t Be Afraid

I’m still on my old 1950s educational film short kick. Here’s a new song inspired by one of the films, along with the film re-edited as a music video. The original film meant to teach kids not to be afraid, but seriously — what kind of lesson is that to be teaching our kids nowadays?

And here is just the music:

Victor Lams – “Don’t Be Afraid”

New Music Page!

I’m putting together a probably less-than-comprehensive, but definitely more thorough than anything else that’s out there, list of all of my music for people to listen to and download. So far there are over 80 songs posted there, with more to come! Check it out!

(Or click the “Music” tab at the top).

Repetitive Robot Music

This isn’t a real song, just me messing around for an hour or so with some synths and a new channelstrip plugin (TeamDNR’s Mixcontrol). If you like repetitive robot music, then you might enjoy this.

Victor Lams – “Repetitive Robot Music”

My “Pater Noster” (Latin for Kids!)

There’s never been an easier way to learn the “Pater Noster”!

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I had this idea, because shoehorning plainsong into one of the most rigid forms of music around was probably not the best idea in the world, but I thought it’d be fun to hear once I’d made it. And I’m pleased with the results.

Also — here is the audio file so you can download it for your iPods:

Victor Lams – “Pater Noster”

Listen to Phreabox v1.4!

TuneCore now has a pretty neat little player app. Listen to my instrumental release from last year and if you like any of the tunes you can buy them via the player’s link to iTunes (they’re also on Amazon MP3, and just about everywhere else, too).

The real secret behind “Victor’s” music…

Mario Music


It’s new music! Inspired by current events! It’s longer than 2 minutes!

Lyric over at Professor Whimsey’s podcast.

“Flying House of Loreto” now on iTunes

I know you’re probably sick of this song by now, but if you were waiting for it to show up on iTunes, then today is your lucky day! It’s my first “new” music on iTunes in years. Yippee!

Victor Lams - The Flying House of Loreto

Sound Cloud

Britain invited me the beta of Sound Cloud, so I uploaded some of my weirder tracks to the site and am playing around with their embedded player widgets… let’s try it together!

Thank you!

Hey there! Thanks to you, I beat Moby on the Electronic charts and have the #1 song in the Christian section of the site (at least for today!). That’s awesome. Thanks, everyone!

Phreakbox CDs available now!

I’m still working on an official Phreakbox page, but if you cannot wait for the CDs, they’re available now in CD-on-demand format from The disc features a full color insert and on-disc printing, are shrink-wrapped, and look pretty cool (the store site has a pretty cool 3-D rendering of the package). Make sure your CD player can play CD-R discs (as that appears to be the format kunaki uses, though I could be mistaken) before ordering,  though, to avoid disappointment upon arrival. The CDs are $9.87 (the 16th number in the Fibonacci sequence) plus shipping.

Buy Phreakbox v1.4: The Instrumentals here!

Oh, and thanks for the listens on As of this afternoon, I’m the fourth-highest-played Electronic artist of the last seven days – Moby is #6. Woohoo!

Help me be #13!

The 13th-most-listened-to Electronic artist on, that is. Since the new streaming music and download service,, listed my new album before iTunes, I’ve been spending some time poking around the website. It turns out relatively few listens separate the 14th electronic artist from the 13th. All YOU have to do, gentle reader, is point your browser to my page and click play. You can turn down the volume on your computer if you absolutely can’t stand my music, but the more plays I get, the higher I’ll be on the charts. Maybe I can even get higher than the Chemical Brothers (and maybe even Moby!), before the site gets more well-known and the popular artists start getting more plays.