December 2nd Snapshot


Still in the drawing stage, I plan to do a lot more to this. Hand-dyed fabric, Thermofax Screen Printing and lots of sketching.

November 14th Snapshot


I’m working on several new pieces right now. The sewing machine and I have been bonding.


Orange Circles, lots of orange circles

Here’s a little shot of my first piece for The Printed Fabric Bee. Lynn Krawczyk was first up and she picked a theme of orange circles. I love working with circles. I’ll share a full description next week.

Printed Fabric Bee Snapshot

You can find more info on this fun challenge on our Facebook Page.

Summer Painting

We’ve had a few really hot days of summer lately. So that means its time to break out the sun paint. I would break out the MX dyes as well, but time has been a bit of an issue. Here’s a piece that has been evolving in stages over the last few months. It is second hand fabric that was hand-dyed, then screen printed and now sun painted with a construction fence. I’m really happy with how it is turning out.


That is a lot of coffee and tea


Coffee and tea Thermofax screens designed by Lynn Krawczyk, burned and assembled by me and sold exclusively at the online Interweave Store in these awesome kits. Get them while you can because supplies are limited. Big thanks to my family for giving me the time to work on such a great challenge and opportunity.

Coffee Tea

April 30th Snapshot

A little yarn and ribbon chaos.


April 18th Snapshot


A young hawk was hanging out in our backyard tree one morning. Probably looking for his next meal.


April 14th Snapshot

Eye Exam 4-14A closeup shot of a piece I just completed for the Surface Design Association’s Member Show.


April 8th Snapshot

I didn’t quite get all the fabric paint off the outside table last summer. A spring rain is giving it a try.

last summers paint


April 6th Snapshot

4-6 Snapshot_sm

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, yet. I needed to finish some very large projects and take care of the kiddos. There are some really cool projects in the works that I can’t wait to share. In the meantime, this piece I hope to finish in time for a show. But we shall see if that happens. I’m having fun making it regardless.

Oh! The website is still under construction. There are a few bugs we are working on.

February 11th Snapshot

Snapshot 2-11

January Snapshot

January Snapshot

Doing some surface design to get back in the groove of things. More to come.