Sleepy Sketchbook

Life has kept us busy around here lately. Here’s a simple drawing from the sketchbook.



More site work!

Hi there. We’re updating the site again. Pardon our mess!

Bowling anyone?

I really wish I was using my trays for fabric dyeing, but my six year old has found it makes a great bowling alley.

dye tray bowling

MSU Salvage Store

During the tour of the new recycling building last Thursday, we went through the new set up for the MSU Salvage Store. An extremely cool place to go. Anything still usable that any university department gets rid of, ends up at the Salvage Store. They are even online.

I loved this ancient RCA record player.

RCA Record Player

bikes chairs

There’s just a few bikes and maybe a handful of chairs…not! There’s also desks, bed frames, ancient equipment, even saw a sewing machine, computers, computer parts and the list goes on and on.

used sign

Building signage, anyone interested?

A Joke

I don’t really have time for blogging at the moment. It’s Spring and there is lots to do off the computer. I will do be back soon, maybe a matter of days, only God knows. But in the meantime our in-house master of jokes shared a good one last night.

What kind of art should you eat?

Fiber art.

It seemed fitting.

Just one of those weeks

Life has been very busy in our household this week, far more than usual. Lots of doctor appointments, an ER visit, some stitches and medications involved as well. The fact that I have art deadlines next week hasn’t helped at all. I keep trying to focus on my projects but I haven’t had all that much success. So while out for a short time this morning I stopped in at yarn shop that is a few doors down from a bead shop and got a few items to play with.

a little yarn and beads

No, I’m not knitting anything just stitching here and there, never really knowing what I’m going to come up with sometimes. I have been working on the red doily project and it is just about done. I’ll post that soon – well, let’s just say that I plan to post it soon. And the fire project needs to be finished up ASAP – so that should be appearing soon as well.

New Camera!

Yeah, I’m excited. This camera is just cool. Not a digital SLR but lots of the same features and fun. We had a coupon too! Ever since I accidently left my other camera out in the pouring rain it hasn’t been the same. The only excuse I have is that it was the day my six year old broke his foot, so I was a little distracted. But I felt really, really bad about it.

New camera

The pictures I’ve taken so far have been really great quality. I’ve had the hardest time getting a good photo of the celtic tree art quilt I made a few months ago. I take one shot of it in a dark room and it comes out near perfect. I haven’t actually downloaded it off the camera yet, I’ll get to that soon.

I’ve also done more art type stuff that I will post soon.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

I did this animation about five years ago, but only recently “discovered” Vimeo as a means of uploading videos with much better quality than YouTube. Testing out the embed feature of Vimeo here.

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel from StudioLams on Vimeo.

Over and Done

This covers it pretty well.

Spreading The Wealth Around

A little anti-redistributionalist Calypso for you! I play the ukulele on it. Download, listen, and enjoy!

Victor Lams – “Spreading The Wealth Around”

Where I am Today

Fall Leaves October '08

Just to let the few of you who actually read our blog know that I haven’t totally blown off writing on it. I’ve been busy with a piece for a show next month. Lynn came over and helped me troubleshoot some problems I was having and I hope to finish it off soon. We’ve had lots of regular everyday stuff going on as well.

So not to totally steal from Lynn’s Where I Stand Sunday (because I can’t promise to always do this on Sundays), I am just stating where I am today.

Tag! I’m it.

So Lynn has posted this and passed it on to me. I’m to list six random facts about myself. So hold onto your seats:

1. I never drank coffee until my oldest child turned two.

2. I can make a great homemade pizza. I have a small cookbook that taught me how to make a good crust and sauce. A stand mixer helps as well.

3. I’m the youngest of five with my oldest sibling being 14 years older than me.

4. I was the first graphic artist to be hired by the State Bar of Michigan up in Lansing.

5. I never liked pink until I was married and had two boys. I’m so outnumbered around here that part me clings to anything girlish.

6. I’m terrible at math and thus try to stay away from it. Luckily Xander has Victor’s knack for numbers and is already learning the basics of algebra from his dad.

Now the next part is that I’m supposed to tag six other bloggers. Problem is that Lynn already tagged those that I knew.  No, I don’t know many bloggers. Yes, it’s sad. So I know one other blogger left:

Victor: my husband, my children’s father and music genius

So tag honey, your it.

Here’s the rules:

The rules are as follows:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.

I think that covers it.