What We Did Today

Don’t Be Afraid

I’m still on my archive.org old 1950s educational film short kick. Here’s a new song inspired by one of the films, along with the film re-edited as a music video. The original film meant to teach kids not to be afraid, but seriously — what kind of lesson is that to be teaching our kids nowadays?

And here is just the music:

Victor Lams – “Don’t Be Afraid”

Repetitive Robot Music

This isn’t a real song, just me messing around for an hour or so with some synths and a new channelstrip plugin (TeamDNR’s Mixcontrol). If you like repetitive robot music, then you might enjoy this.

Victor Lams – “Repetitive Robot Music”

My “Pater Noster” (Latin for Kids!)

There’s never been an easier way to learn the “Pater Noster”!

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I had this idea, because shoehorning plainsong into one of the most rigid forms of music around was probably not the best idea in the world, but I thought it’d be fun to hear once I’d made it. And I’m pleased with the results.

Also — here is the audio file so you can download it for your iPods:

Victor Lams – “Pater Noster”