Drawing on Fabric

Wow, what amazing feedback I’ve gotten on the last post! You asked about the pens and here you go, Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric. I bought a whole box off of Amazon because I seem to burn through them. I use a variety of other waterproof pens but these have been my favorite lately. Don’t expect a wide variety of colors. There are three the last time I checked. The hoop is an old embroidery hoop with a disk cut to fit snuggly inside the hoop. Thanks to Jeannie for her comment! I did a search on ’embroidery paint tubes’ and found old kits available on ebay with this exact hoop.  I’ve tried drawing with other embroidery hoops and I could not get the tight hold I needed. The surface the disk provides is awesome. So give it go and let me know what you come up with. I would love to see it!



  1. Jeannie says:

    I love what you have done with pen and cloth. Just beautiful! Ages ago (1960’s?), a fad going on in the States was to use these awful tubes of paint instead of embroidery on pillow cases and such. The paint stunk to high Heaven and would come out in globs. LOL! I have yet to see one of the pieces from that era that was actually pretty. The hope that women used were like the one you showed. It was like a normal embroidery hoop, but the inner hoop was covered with a stiff canvas like material stretched taut like a drum. I think it may have even been solid. I have seen the hoops in thrift stores and now I am on the hunt for one! 🙂 I love the pens you are using. I did some pen and ink type drawings on cloth with them and they do run out of ink quickly. Have fun!

  2. Kathy Johnson says:

    Thank you for the name of the pens. The hoop is very unique; having the base for the fabric to lay on is a great idea. I’m sure something could be found that could be cut into the correct size circle to fit a hoop I already have laying around.

  3. That’s it Jeannie! I Googled ’embroidery paint tubes’ and found the exact hoop available on ebay in old kits with the paint. Mystery solved, thank you!

  4. LOL Jeannie, my step mom had a ton of those old embroidery paint tubes, my sisters and I used to use them on all sorts of stuff, usually our jeans.

  5. Well this makes perfect sense! A hoop! Thanks so much for the idea. I was trying to write on fabric without it. It works but this would do so much better. Thanks.

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