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Today I will be the last stop for fellow Printed Fabric Bee member Julie Booth’s 14 day blog hop! Julie’s new book Fabric Printing for Home is the type of book that will inspire every surface designer from beginner to well-seasoned artist. I really liked the book because Julie shows you how to use every day, household items in not so traditional methods. I especially loved the idea of using spaghetti to make detailed pattern stamp or curling cardboard to achieve a bigger design.

Now, I’ll admit that I had a little extra help reviewing some of Julie’s book. I’m a mom of four boys, two of which are already very familiar with various surface design methods. So I showed them some of the ideas in the book and they loved them. The next time I took the 13 year old to the grocery store he thought much of the produce looked like tools for painting. The corn on the cob really intrigued him. The 8 year old is just itchin’ to make his own stamps out of cardboard and rice. So I know what we may be doing over winter break next week. I’ll try to get something posted from our own experiments in a week or so.

I think a big point of Julie’s book is that inspiration is all around us. Sometimes we need to think ‘outside the box’ and she shows you some great ways to do so! Now I have a question for you. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve used as a print your fabric? Tell me all about it here for a chance to win your own copy of Fabric Printing for Home. I will pick a winner on Wednesday February 18th. While you are here take a moment to check out all the other fun blogs that have reviewed and experimented with some of Julie’s ideas over these last 14 days.

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Good luck with the giveaways and check back here for the winner!
Apologies for the delay on announcing the winner of Julie’s book. Congrats to Jo-Anne Britt, she was the lucky winner!


  1. Sounds like you will be having lots of fun with your sons! I’m trying to think of what I have used to print that is unusual…best I can come up with is a very unusual honey-cone pattern from a piece of cardboard, and I don’t remember where I got it. Still have it in my stash, but it’s delicate so I don’t use it much. But I am always on the lookout for odd things that would make fun stamps or textures!

  2. So many inspirations surround us. Thanks for sharing some of yours!

  3. This has been such a great blog hop- so many great ideas!
    Not especially unusual but I enjoy printing with bubble wrap!

  4. i have a piece of termite damaged wood that makes a weird print.

  5. Haven’t printed on fabric yet. Closest I came was some potato printing with tempera paint back in 2nd grade. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

  6. It will be interesting to see what you have created! I like using leaves and seeds from trees.

  7. One year I made a series of bags and t-shirts featuring my children’s hand and footprints. At the time my kids were newborn, three and ten years old, so the size variation was perfect. Not that weird or unusual, I suppose, but it was loads of fun!

  8. This is certainly a fun book and blog hop. Spaghetti?? Really? All sort so interesting things to print with. I think the most unusual for me was a potato masher, of the gridded sort.

  9. It’s so much fun to do this kind of art with ones children! Creativity abounds. I used to do this kind of thing at birthday parties (yes, I am crazy!). Anyhow, I once printed with the thick moss that was growing on my back patio.

  10. Carolyn Morgan says:

    This has been such a fun blog hop. It is nice to hear about your son’s inspired to do stamping with veggies and found objects. Thanks for the chance to win this great book.

  11. My most unusual print, as a beginner at this… was the gelly block second print, or the echo print of a leaf taken from the garden. The residue from the original on the gelly created an interesting image. But I am itching to venture into using objects. I am just starting, and I am constantly sniffing about the Printed Fabric Bee artists’ blogs for wonderful ideas and inspiration! I sew my own clothes, and I would like to print my own fabric. Through these blogs I have learnt and successfully done ice dyeing, snow dyeing, made a gelatin gelly block (still need to use the fabric bits!), and I have the supplies for a lino carve and regular stencil work for an Alabama Chanin inspired garment. Also on my to-do list is soy wax batik … I have a piece of silk that wants to be a blouse! But most importantly, I share these techniques with my young one, so you are only getting me in trouble for taking over every available space for my fabric stuff, but you are, through me, inspiring a young and very creative mind!

  12. The most unusual item I used to print with was a twig I found that had 3 forked branches…it all laid perfectly flat! It was the perfect flower stem stamp!

  13. Endless possibilities…and what a gift of learning for your boys.

  14. Looking forward to seeing what you and the boys created; however, I would think some rest is in order for you and little Q. Weirdest thing used a pair of funky play sunglasses which had slits in them.

  15. textilerecycler says:

    I think the most usual thing I printed with was a rusty old car part I found on the ground while out running errands. Nothing is sacred when it comes to printing…even food from the fridge! How wonderful that your boys share your love of printing. It’ll be great to see what they come up with!

  16. wonderful to read of little boys getting excited by fiber art!

  17. Lots of inspiration from this blog hop, look forward to putting it to use!

  18. Laceflower says:

    I’ve used Bachelor Buttons, Calendula and leaves when I was decorating a tray, many years ago; turned out great. This book sounds like lots of fun.

  19. I have used a hand of garlic cut in half. Another fun printing was using some rusty metal wrapped in fabric, some great rusty prints.

  20. Fun Ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I thought I was stumped to prepare a proper comment but then remembered that I have been obsessed with plastic packaging for years and years. I have a stash of them ready to go. Really tough plastic 4-L size jugs that held milk (I cut them into manageable pieces that lay flat so in the end the useable pieces are small,) standard thin plastic shells that hold loose salad greens, cookies, etc. the sky is the limit. I store them in a magazine holder from IKEA. I have another one that holds chunks of cardboard. Anyway, I cut stencils from the plastic. Paper doll outlines, and really, so many outlines that I use for projects. But for printing, specifically, just imagine!!! Norma
    Here’s an image from a stencil: https://www.flickr.com/photos/19394614@N00/7303113106/
    And here is the stencil: https://www.flickr.com/photos/19394614@N00/8454650292/
    This cut from cardboard but I most often use thin plastic. Norma

  22. I like using netting from bags of fruit and some grip material that is for opening difficult jar lids.

  23. I haven’t done anything very original. But I have done potato stamps and natural sponges.

  24. Today I discovered an interesting, patterned figure-8-shaped piece of plastic in a storage cabinet and was about to add it to my painting/dyeing “tools.” Realized in the nick of time that it’s part of a coffee brewer we use at the cabin in the summer. If it ever breaks ….

  25. I’ve used the bottom of plastic packaging. It comes in so many different shapes!

  26. I would love to have a copy. I have many projects planned and it would be useful.

  27. Denise Spillane says:

    Love this book! Definitely inspired and wanting to get started.

  28. I think this book could lead to some “workshops” with a few friends! So much to try out.

  29. Wish I had a 13 year old boy to help me print on fabric.

  30. Cindy Harwood says:

    Love your son’s idea of using corn to print with! I haven’t used many unusual tools for printing but this blog hop is inspiring me to give a few a try! I’m really looking forward to it.

  31. upstatelisa says:

    This looks like a really great book! 4 boys… wow! must keep you busy 🙂

  32. Beth Mastin says:

    I’ve used different textured place mats cut up for printing. This looks like a fun book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  33. This has been a fun blog hop – have really enjoyed all the ideas!

  34. A petroglyph (spiral shape) found in the undisclosed AZ desert.

  35. Well, I haven’t done a whole lot of printing, so you can decide which of the few is the most unusual: potatoes, erasers and craft foam. Not all that interesting. But this blog hop and book descriptions have sparked my interest! I would love to read Fabric Printing at Home! Thanks for giving me that chance!

  36. While not too unusual, I love to print with leaves and flowers fresh out of my gardens. Some of the bug-chewed ones make really interesting prints.

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