Going Industrial for the Bee

Yup, it’s that time again! The Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway and this month belonged to Susan Purney Mark with an industrial theme. This was a fun challenge for me. Not my usual colors or imagery which just makes it fun. I really had no idea how anything would turn out from one step to the next with this one. Because of stuff going on in our life right now, I work in short bursts of time almost every step of the way. So here’s a brief summery of what I did.

fabric roll dye fabri roll

I wrapped the fabric around some scrap PVC pipe then wound picture wire of various widths around the fabric. Then I gave it a bath in some MX Dye that I had left over from awhile ago. I thought I would get some grays and browns. I got green. No big deal, I went with it. It came out cool anyways.

dyed fabric

I’ve had a brand new, extra large Gelli Plate sitting on the work table for a few months now, mocking me. I’ve done all different kinds of printing, but I had never ever worked with Gelli plates before. I decided to build a ‘stamp’ of sorts (how I explained it to the kids) with Golden Molding Paste and canvas board. I then raided the garage workbench for objects to use and got to work. I had never worked with Molding Paste before either and that was lots of gooey fun. It came out as a rather electrical-industrial theme.

molding paste design

So here’s where I apparently stopped photographing what I was doing. With time being an issue I have a tendency to forget. I did use the Gelli plate and lovely mix of silver and black paints with the canvas board. I know the instructions for the Gelli plate say to use a brayer but I can’t find mine. I have two very nice ones, someplace very safe. So I used brushes and it gave it nice texture when printing. But it really needed a pop of color. I found a cool piece of cardboard and used it as a stamp all over the fabric. And there you go.

Finished closeup

But that is just how I tackled my fabric challenge. Please take a moment and check all the wonderful pieces by these awesome artists. And don’t you want to win your own samples of these lovely pieces? Hop on over to Susan Purney Mark’s Blog or the Printed Fabric Bee Blog and leave a comment. Susan will be picking a winner July 10th. Good Luck!

Susan P Mark Industrial collage_sm

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