Herein lies a non-comprehensive and ever-expanding alphabetically-sorted list of my music, going back nearly 15 years. Click on a song name to listen, or right-click to download.

2AM Commute
2005 Funk Jam
60 Ton Whale
Accuracy, Precision, Exactness
Always Ever Only Just
…And We Lost
A Robot Overcompensates
Barry White Vs. The Chipmunks
BlogTones! (The first dozen or so)
Bossa No. 6
Can’t Nobody
Captain Sisko’s Badasss Song
Catechism Rock Theme
Cold Duck Time (Interior Monologue) [Cover]
Coloring Monsters
Comments Closed
Conditor Alme Siderum
Deadly Friend
Don’t Be Afraid (MP3) (video)
Egg Farm
Everybody Poops [Sock Monkeys Remix]
Everybody Rave
Fake Cop
Fat Camp Lap Dance
Fiber Cut!
General Dynamics
Genuflect (Show Respect)
Ghost Monkey Cop (Who Also Plays The Marimba)
God Blessed The States [Cover]
Hail Holy Queen
Have You Dug His Scene? (Yaphet Kotto Remix)
Hive Girl
Hooray For Kobe-San!
How To Tie Your Shoes
I’d Hit That
Idi Amin Is Dead
I Love Sandwiches
In The Eye
In The Eye (Instrumental)
Ionospheric Express
It’s 2 Damn Muggy (In Here)
I Want A Pen
I Shot The Freak
Kennedy Vs. The Final Boss
Knock Me Up
Kyoto Subway
Life Is Salty
Meanderin’ Orange
My Brain’s Inside The Computer
My Weblog (2001 Demo)
Name The Sacraments
Not A Great Man
Off The Grid
Oh, No! Giardiasis!
Pater Noster (MP3) (video)
Popcicle Man
Pop Corn
Rain Dogs For Supper
Randy Racooney Themesong
Repetitive Robot Music (MP3) (video)
Robot Love
Sarah’s Lullaby
Sing Me
Smoke Stays In Your Lungs
Spiritual Combat!
Spreading The Wealth Around
Straight Shots
Tech Support
The Apostles Creed
The Asteroid Gaspra (Old 951)
The Canadian Human Rights Commission
The Pirate Movie Song
The Theme From The Love Hive (Buzz! Buzz!)
The Time For Bed Truck
The Weary Blues (Langston Hughes)
Tuesday Morning At The Robotics Factory
Underground Places
Urine Stains On The Carpet
W3 3 K1NG5
Where The Heck’s My Wikipedia Page?
Ye Olde Faire Knights

Note: Some of my songs aren’t available for download here, but can be found on Amazon, iTunes, and other digital music stores. These include:

Songs appearing on “Robot Love” (2001):

1. Intro
2. Vampire Babies
3. Robot Love
4. Sarah’s Lullaby
5. Shelly
6. (Life Is) Salty
7. Captain Bigshot, Part I
8. Interlude: Run You Down
9. Space Helpers
10. Cacaphonie
11. Interlude: Permission
12. A Little Something…
13. So Simple A Song
14. The Video Store Song
15. Party For My Head
16. Advice For Young Robot
17. The Return Of Captain Bigshot
18. Interlude: Classical Section
19. Farmer Joe
20. Homunculus
21. Time To Go
22. Tobiah’s Journey
23. Marshmallow XTC

Songs appearing on “The Flying House of Loreto” (2008):

The Flying House of Loreto

Songs appearing on “Phreakbox v1.4: The Instrumentals” (2008):

1. 2am Commute
2. Mr. Do (Does It)
3. H.H.Q.
4. Kyoto Subway
5. M.A.R.V.I.N.
6. Quiet Time
7. Shaker Funk
9. Xtreme Unction
10. Picado Por La Avispa
11. S.A.R.S.
12. Recurring Dreams
13. Sins of Omission
14. Jean Michel’s Lament
15. The Disciple
16. Tuesday Morning At The Robotics Factory
17. Enter The Wedding
18. Midnight
19. Game Over