Printed Fabric Bee Sunflowers Giveaway


This month’s Queen was Susan Purney Mark with a theme of sunflowers. And I actually managed to get some process shots for this one! Woo! But I will say that this one really is not that complicated.


First I started with a lovely piece of hand dyed fabric that I printed up with Thermofax Screens of leaves. I used various shades of green that I mixed up myself from the collection of paints that I have on hand. It’s all about layers. I like to make the background interesting so I don’t have to fill all the space up with the next layer. There is always something interesting to catch the eye no matter where you look.



Once the paint was dry, I got out this really fancy circle template and drew circles where I wanted to place the flowers. After that I grabbed a handful of fabric pens, found a place on the couch and I commenced with drawing the flowers. It took me a few days to just get the flowers drawn out. I used an actual circle template to get the larger circles in the flower middles, others I drew by hand.


Then I broke out the watercolor pencils, crayons, pastels, etc. and started coloring. Some worked better than others. I used some of the fabric markers to add the darker reds and browns. (Finished piece is at the top of the post) And that’s it! Really not that hard to do. Now go draw something!

Next journey on over to the Printed Fabric Bee Blog and leave  a comment for your chance to win your own 6×6 squares of the sunflower fabrics.



  1. Oh! The fabric is fabulous!!! Thanks for the step by step.

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