Sleepy Sketchbook Series

I’m really excited to share an idea that I have had brewing for a while now called the Sleepy Sketchbook. In order to keep my blog page active and the creative part of my brain from turning to goo, I’m turning to my sketchbook. Now that we have 4 boys in the house, one being a newborn, keeping the creative mojo going can be a challenge. So between the diapers, naps and late night feedings I’m going to try to work on something creative. Once a week I will post a page from a sketchbook or snapshot of a project (if I have one going). Some pages will be more thought out than others, have more detail or colors. It all depends on how life is going outside the sketchbook.

This sketch was inspired by a vintage tie design. I used drawing pens, watercolor pencils, and markers. The watercolor pencils and markers were new so there was a lot of experimentation going on here and some of them bled a bit more than I expected. No worries though! I worked it in and had fun with it.




  1. Deborah Bright says:

    its beautiful, Jackie! Keep the creating going

  2. Hi Jackie–You’re a wonder! Glad to hear that you have plans to keep the creativity flowing. This is a beautiful sketch!

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