Last one, I promise

Last screenprint for a little while. I need to deep clean the screen and actually make something out of the stuff I’ve made so far. I keep finding new surfaces to experiment with and curiosity gets the best of me.

No. 4: Prints 1 & 2 No. 4 close up_02

No. 4 Close up_01

Found the Zone

Hello Zone! I’ve missed you! It’s been so very long. I promise not to wander off like that again.

Seriously, I did another printing, screening (whatever you want to call it) last night and they came out so good. I am so jazzed with the results. Yesterday morning I started sampling textures from all around my house. My three year old was trailing behind me the whole time asking “what’s that?” “why are you doing that?” “can I try?”.  Anyways, I have started looking at everything in the house as possible design surfaces. It can be a little distracting at times!

Later in the evening I got to the actual printing part of the process. I mixed some fabric medium into the matte medium in hopes to soften up the ‘hand’ of the fabric when it dries. They still came out stiff but no where as much as just straight matte medium. I used an unbleached muslin fabric for printing. I actually washed and ironed the stuff before hand. I never wash my fabrics unless I’m dyeing them. But the stuff was so wrinkled that no iron would save them and I didn’t want any wrinkle lines invading my design.  I’m telling you all this because I usually don’t do much prep work to my materials on projects. I just jump in and let things turn out as they may. But this process seems to need a little more control and attention. So I got all my fabric smooth and ready to go, glass of wine poured, MP3 player loaded and ready to go, goo mixed and apron on. Here’s the results:

4 of 6 pulls of No. 3

Here are four of the six prints. I also did some printing on some purple pastel fabric that I was not real crazy about. That came out cool as well and may actually be usable now.

Printed fabric drying

Here they all are drying in the laundry room. Bonus of the furnace being on is that stuff can dry pretty darn quick.


The detail of the lines just makes it really cool. I can’t wait to do more.

A Neocolor New Year

I’m starting off the new year with a big push on the artwork. My big present from the in-laws was a set of Caran D’ache Neocolor II crayons. When grouped together with the cool screen printing set Victor got me a short while ago and some matte medium you have the makings of some deconstructed rubbings.

SuppliesBefore the goo is added

I’ve never done any sort of screen printing, so some of these tools are rather new to me. I started with some Shiva plates that had seen little to no activity ever. They seemed like an easy way to start. So I created one screen, did some pulls and got the idea of how it all works. So far, so good. I proceeded to wash the screen and tools. I fully expected the design to wash out and a clean, white screen to be left. That didn’t happen. I washed, I scrubbed, tried a few different soaps and brushes, I soaked it. The pattern got lighter but not gone. I was not happy. I ran to my computer, searching for any bit of information that could aid me in my screen cleaning. Nothing like thinking you ruined a new tool first time using it. After a few more scrubbings and searches online I found some person on a forum with a similar problem (just different materials). Turns out my screen is just stained, not clogged. Held it up to the light and there weren’t any dark areas of clogged holes.Yup, felt kind of silly. Oh well, I’m still learning.

First Run

A few hours later I gave it another go and got some cool results. I’m not crazy about the stiffness of the fabric so I’m going to experiment with different mediums and see what happens. I’ll probably layer up some other images onto some of these.

Deconstructed Rubbings

One of my new year goals is to complete at least one project a month. Another one of goals is to use the materials I have. Over the few years I’ve been doing this fiber stuff I’ve built up a mighty stash. It is just time to work with what I have and start producing more artwork. I don’t know exactly what that artwork will be, but I figure I just need to jump in. So please check back to my blog more frequently, if you wish. I promise to post lots more about my art adventures.

One side note…

Earlier this week I spent the whole morning baking for our little family. Everyone has been home for the past two weeks and the food has been disappearing quickly around here. So I thought I would post a picture of some of the morning’s efforts. I say some because there were waffles too but there were to few left to bother including in the photo. Here is the homemade pizza dough for dinner later and biscuits that are just for eating on these cold winter days.

Feeding the boys

Happy New Year everyone!