Green Thumb

I’ve been out in the backyard clearing one of my flower beds out to make way for vegetable garden. My dad and Victor built me a box for a raised bed yesterday. My mom is still kind of laughing at me. Why? Because God has a sense of humor, that’s why. Through my teenage years we lived out in Howell in a 100 year old farm house and 10 acres. My mom has a monster size green thumb, hence, we had one monster size garden. She was always trying to get me to help out and me with my teenage attitude wanted little to do with it. Why would I? It was hot, the weeds never stopped and ultimately I always had something crawling on me, biting or stinging me. So here I am, years later, planning my own garden and my mother thinks it’s rather funny on some level. Yeah, maybe, I’ll admit it.

Oh, still have things crawling on me when I am out there working. I just wear more clothing, no matter what the weather! Gloves, I love my gloves. Occassionally I will take them off for planting but usually they are on and do not come off until the job is done. My plan is to get most of the heavy work done before summer hits. Who knew it would be 80 degrees in April? So I’ve been out in the mornings before the heat hits. I think the seven year old has potential to pick up my teenage attitude towards gardening. He will help for a little while but then complains that it’s to hot and goes inside. At those moments, I think I hear God is chuckling at me.

So the plot has been cleared but I still need to seal up the box for the raised bed before I put it on the ground. I would be working on that today but 30mph winds make that pretty much impossible. So it will have to wait for another day. Farmers Market opens on Saturday where I plan to scope out the veggie plants and I am a little excited.

Oh don’t worry, still doing the artwork by night. Victor has delved into the world of drawing and we’ve had lots of fun with new pens and tools. Currently waiting on some new pen brushes to arrive. There also a great new store called Hobby Lobby that opened up in our area. We go in there as a family and just have way to much fun in the art supplies. Plus there is a comic book store a few doors down and a game store in the same parking lot. Now that I think about it more, that strip mall is actually kind of dangerous for us!