Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

A farewell gathering for a dear friend. Her husband has a great new job in Maryland and they have left us. These are all fellow MOPS moms and friends. Best of luck in your new adventures Alison. You will be missed.

Completion is near

I’ve been working on my Breaking Traditions entry trying to finish it off. Now that the family wedding is over and done I have been able to regain brain power and refocus on my projects. I really want to finish this one off. No, I won’t show it to you until it is done. Although I did show Lynn yesterday over coffee. I was in need of some feedback.

After coffee, on my way back home, I stopped in at my favorite and only local bead shop. I needed some baby type bead things to add to my piece. I found just what I needed and was surprised how perfect these little items will work.


I will tell you that my piece is about MOPS, my MOPS group. I have been apart of this group for several years now and I have watched it grow from about 8 members to over 40 with a waiting list. They really support each other and have helped me through tough times. I have made some really awesome friends over the years. It is only fitting that I finally do something honoring them.

But that is all I will tell you about this year’s entry! You will just have to wait until I am done to see the whole thing.