Listen to Phreabox v1.4!

TuneCore now has a pretty neat little player app. Listen to my instrumental release from last year and if you like any of the tunes you can buy them via the player’s link to iTunes (they’re also on Amazon MP3, and just about everywhere else, too).

Help me be #13!

The 13th-most-listened-to Electronic artist on, that is. Since the new streaming music and download service,, listed my new album before iTunes, I’ve been spending some time poking around the website. It turns out relatively few listens separate the 14th electronic artist from the 13th. All YOU have to do, gentle reader, is point your browser to my page and click play. You can turn down the volume on your computer if you absolutely can’t stand my music, but the more plays I get, the higher I’ll be on the charts. Maybe I can even get higher than the Chemical Brothers (and maybe even Moby!), before the site gets more well-known and the popular artists start getting more plays.

Car Wreck! (It’s a new song, not an actual event)

This new song is a collaboration with the eminent 1-2-Many, who is a fixture on the website, particularly in their monthly song contests. Collaboration may be pushing it a bit because all I really did on this one was write some words and sing them — he did all the music writing and production, so it was quite a nice break for me. I think it came out really well.

Where’s my music?!

…just because I couldn’t bear to date myself by naming a post “I want my MP3!”.

Anyhoo, my music can be found on my PODCAST (okay, so it’s just another weblog, but you can subscribe to it via iTunes or some other podcastrator program). There you can get my new tunes as well as old favorites before anyone else does. To date, I’ve posted 74 songs there. So if your mp3 player is running on fumes, and you’re not sick of terrible mixed metaphors, you can find plenty of fodder there.

The Cacophonous World of Professor Whimsey