Printed Fabric Bee is all about Science!


Well, for the month of October it was about science. I have been fascinated with the design of anything at a microscopic level. Different objects, plants, chemicals, you name it, all have unique and beautiful designs when you look at them through a microscope. Check out my Pinterest board to see what I mean. So I figured that would be a fun challenge for the gang in the Printed Fabric Bee to translate that into a surface design idea. My only conditions were no pastels and 12×12.  And wow, I  have been getting very cool fabric in the mail every few days and it has been awesome. There have been a lot of ‘oohs and ahhs and cool!’ from the kids in the house as well since it’s a subject they really enjoy too.

So wouldn’t you love a chance to own your own 6×6 pieces of these scientific beauties? Leave a comment over on our Printed Fabric Bee blog before November 17th for your chance to win.