Meet Super Toilet!

Super Toilet is a character created by our son and his friends in Kindergarten. To date, our son has written three Super Toilet adventure books (you can read the second one here) and Super Toilet will also soon be starring in his own video game. So it seemed fitting that he should have his own theme song, explaining what he’s all about.

Super Toilet (Theme)

Flying through the sky
He’s a very super guy
But he’s not really a guy
He’s a toilet

When evil’s all around,
He’ll protect the town
From anyone around
Who would spoil it.

When Evil Toilet or Mister Poop
Or Mini-Man or Jake-O plan
A devilish plot,
He can foil it.

With his friends Codo,
Bird, Wolf, and a weed-eater,
He is the one called