The Printed Fabric Bee & Orange Circles

StudioLams_Orange Circles

The theme was orange circles set by Lynn Krawczyk. The fabric is from the stash. I hand-dyed this a few years ago when I did the MSU Project. It has a lovely rust tone to it that knew I wanted (I know Lynn likes a good rust color). First I Thermofax Screen Printed the larger round circles in browns and black. Once that was dry I printed a mini version of Circles Sprites in gold for a little contrast and texture.Then I dug out every container of orange paint I could find, along with every orange, brown and black marker I could unearth in the studio. Then I just started experimenting with the different shades and types of paint. If something looked cool, I did some more, if it didn’t, I put it away. I layered up the colors for a bit, then broke out the pens and markers and started drawing on the painted and unpainted areas. Pebeo makes a fabric marker that worked really well for this. But beware, the odor is pretty strong with these. Also, metallic Sharpies are absolute favorites. So print, paint, draw was my method of creative mayhem. I love how it turned out and can’t wait to tackle the next theme.

A Thermofax Screen Print Sunday

For a few years now Lynn has mentioned that she had a Thermofax Machine to make screens for printing. I had heard of this thermal…thermo thing but I couldn’t conceptualize what the heck it was. I’m just one of the those people who needs to see and do something to understand it. So a few weekends ago I joined a few other people at the Northville Art House for a workshop on Thermofax Screen Printing taught by Lynn herself.

Well the whole process is fun and addicting. Except for maybe the cleanup, but when is any kind of clean up fun?  I did know enough about the process to bring along lots of darker, hand-dyed fabric to create cool prints with. We used Plaid Simply Screen to print the images.

Multicolor Vine print

This one came out pretty interesting. The fabric is a hand-dyed muslin with several colors used to make the swirly vine print. Metallics are cool.

Repeated printing

This one was a screen made from a grave stone photo. I was trying to used colors close to what was in the fabric colors.

Birds on a Wire Print

Here is a lovely hand-dyed fabric from my big project last summer. I used the elusive Birds on Wire screen that was in Lynn’s screen stash. She needs to find the digital file of this one to make more.  The print came out pretty cool. I like the repetitive look that matches the fabric. I think I’ll start stitching this one into a new piece.

Coffee Stain Print

This one is destined for the dye bucket. I’m testing out the Plaid Simply Screen paints for Lynn. See my guest blog on her blog for the first round of tests. Next will be with the MX Pro Dye (Procion). I’ve been known to microwave my fabric in the dye process. Stay tuned for that.

Workshop Finished Products

At the end of the three hour workshop I had a nice stash of revived fabrics for future projects and a new surface design skill to add to the resume. I should also mention that I’ve been designing screen images for Lynn’s Etsy shop. So go check those out when  you get a chance!