A Busy Day

First let me start off with this sign of spring. Okay, I’ll admit that it just happens to be growing by the dryer vent but I’ll take whatever I can get right now.

Spring Flower

While finishing my morning coffee I saw this guy perch on the fence outside my kitchen window and hunt Chickadees in the neighbor’s bushes. No he didn’t get any. Some crazy lady drinking her morning coffee had to go scare him away.

Neighborhood Hawk

After all that excitement I got to introduce the Bandit dog to his new vet. Bandit is one very hyper little Jack Russell Terrier who thinks it is his job to bark at every person and dog that comes into his sight. There were about four dogs in the waiting area at once and only mine was going nuts. Next time I’ll keep the bark collar on him at the vet. But we both survived and he was back to his normal self about two minutes after we got home.

Then I headed over to the Northville Art House to pick up my pieces. A few minutes into my arrival there someone says ‘Hey, the Day of the Dead lady is here!’ This piece keeps getting attention. I could have sold it three times now. So I had a great conversation with a nice lady named Jane about Catholic artifacts and relics, packed up my stuff and headed out. I then called Victor and told him maybe I needed to revisit some skeletons. But before leaving the parking lot I snapped this from the cemetery next door.


From there I headed over to my folks house to set up and photograph the quilts from the Running with Scissors Weird Michigan Challenge. Those photos will be coming soon but here’s make-shift studio I set up, and tore back down again a few hours later.

Temporary photo studio

It’s still my parents house and I’m not allowed to leave a mess, I don’t need a lecture from Mom. Not to mention that is her new stain glass workbench in the background that she hasn’t even used yet. It came in handy.

So over a gig’s worth of photos later, I finished up and headed home. Victor is making dinner and just handed me a beer. Really, not a bad day. Now I have some photos to crop and RAW photo data to manipulate, and now Victor has some songs to write for Weird Michigan.

Weird Michigan on Fire

So here it is at long last. I based this on the story of the Paw Paw Fire Breather. I think it came out okay. I carved the stamp for the face and felted the fire out of alpca fiber I got from Back to Back Fiber Products last year at the Sewing Expo. I did lots of letter stamping, image transferring, pasting, burning, stitching and various forms of coloring.

Fire Breather


I have been putting off making this for months. The idea of making fire out of this really cool felt that was given to me just scared me. I was scared of messing it up and wasting the material. I realize this makes little sense because the stuff would be going to waste if I didn’t use it. So here is the fire. I created a sketch first then built from there. You will see the whole project complete in a few weeks.