The blog got buried in snow and everything else

Okay so I may have completely neglected the blog but only because life got way more crazy than usual and the blog gets tossed off the to-do list when life goes a wacka-do. But hey, did you know I have a show going on! I am doing a display at the very cool Grove Gallery in East Lansing with Lynn Krawczyk. The place is full of some the coolest artwork I’ve seen in a long time. Our stuff will be hanging on the walls until February 28th. It is worth the trip if you can swing it.

Grove Gallery

Here are a few of my bigger pieces on display.

Repurposed No 1

(Repurposed No.1) This is some of the recycled fabric (one half of a big table cloth that I got from the Salvation Army Store) that hung outside all summer long. You can see it here. It got a bit discolored and the hot sun baked the duck tape onto the fabric. I did get it off and it left really cool marks on the fabric. I later attacked it with paint, fabric, and more paint.

Repurposed No 2

(Repurposed No.2) This is the other half of that big tablecloth. It was hand-dyed the same as the other half but it did not sit outside all summer. It did get sun painted though with orange construction fencing, more paint, machine stitched then drawn on.

I realize that both of the above pieces hang kind of wonky (technical term) but I left it that way on purpose. I was rather hard on this fabric that was already second hand and nothing high end. It was stretched, scrunched, walked on, left to the outside elements… you get the idea. It’s not perfect and I did not want to display it like it was. It is something that someone else got rid of and I gave it a new purpose.

Then there is this one:

Evening Blooms

Hand-dyed fabric that is comprised mostly of hand drawn elements. I screen printed on a three repeating designs then I customized each print by drawing on them with pens.

Stay warm!




  1. Wow! I love all three of these! I remember you screen in the yard and it is even more gorgeous now. I really like the last one where you added your pen work to the screen. Gorgeous!!!

  2. Wow… love your work…. awesome!

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