This Month’s Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway

December belonged to Lisa Chin with a theme of vintage maps. This one was a bit of a challenge and required some lengthy brainstorming. Pinterest is my favorite tool for this type of activity. I went with the idea of a old, stained world map. I love how some really old, hand drawn maps had images of people and other lovely graphic twirly-do’s (yes, that’s a technical term). I layered up various images with Thermofax Screen printing. Mixed up some of my own paint colors to get what I wanted and came up with this for Lisa.




If I can’t seem to find a paint color to fit what I’m looking to do, I mix one up with what I have on hand.


Another trick, if I am printing with a screen that has a lot of details, words, smaller images, I will tape the screen down to help keep it from shifting. I will also use a piece of scrap paper to block out areas that I don’t want printed.


And when all was dry and done I had this lovely piece for Lisa and the giveaway.


One of my favorite images from this is printed in the burgundy/red color. It comes from an old wood stamp that I found at an antique place for a couple bucks. I think of a city of the west side of Michigan. I scanned it in, reversed the image from a positive to a negative (Photoshop stuff), then made it into a screen.

Okay, so there you go! Head on over to The Printed Fabric Bee blog and leave a comment for your chance to win your own 6×6 squares of the map fabrics.



  1. Wow, Jackie!
    Love all the amazing layers you achieved with your Thermofax Screen!
    Looks so fun to make, too!
    Thank you for sharing your process.

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