Urban Textures


Urban Textures was Leslie Jenison’s theme for September. I immediately thought of worn, graffiti brick walls and went forth with that in mind. I don’t have any images to show my process. Why? Because I have 3 kids, one being not quite two yet. So my process is thinking, plotting, planning for days, try to get a visual in my mind of what I want to aim for and what steps I need to take to get there. When the little one goes down for a nap I get to work, and in that short span of time I have a tendency to forget to snap some pictures. Also some of my pieces (like this one) involve a lot of computer work so taking shots of my computer really isn’t that interesting.

But I can tell you little bit of what I did. I utilized Adobe Photoshop and some photos from my archive. I went with worn brick and rusted metal. I ran them through a few filters to find the best look (graphic pen is a favorite) and made the photos straight black and white (no gray). What next? Yup, Thermofax Machine of course. I burn the images into screens and planned out the next step of painting. So next nap time,  I used a couple screens multiple times with different paint colors to get a varied appearance. I usually won’t even rinse the screens in between paint colors if I am using paints close in hue (also, only do this with paint that doesn’t dry fast). Then eventually I created a wet mess that needs to dry before I dare add another layer, so I had to quit for the day whether nap time is done or not. Besides I need time to clean up and stash the paint supplies or I will end up with little fabric paint finger prints on my new couches (don’t ask).

The graffiti text on the wall was a different program and a different nap day. I found some freeware fonts online (dafont.com is a favorite) and got to work with Adobe Illustrator (I’m a graphic designer during other nap times). My graffiti text says ‘Bliss’ and I know it’s not very legible but neither is most worn out graffiti. I ran it through Morty (Thermofax Machine) and used a transparent paint color and there you go.

This theme yielded a lovely variety of fabrics from the group this month. Take a spin on over to the blogs to see their processes and leave your two cents over here for a chance to win your own 6×6 squares of each.

Urban Textures


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